Situated in the heart of California at the confluence of the Consumnes and Mokelumne Rivers, the Lodi/Woodbridge region enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with warm dry summers, cool moist winters, and distinctive sandy soils which make for ideal growing conditions.

Grapes have always been a part of the local landscape, growing wild along the riverbanks. The first vineyard was established in 1850 and over the next century, vineyards and wineries began sprouting up throughout the Lodi region. In 1986 Lodi wines were recognized for their unique quality and given a credibility boost when the Lodi Appellation (American Viticulture Area) was approved.​

Through the years, Allen Lombardi and Mike Stokes have purchased, as well as developed new vineyard properties encompassing more than 4,000 acres of cutting-edge grape varieties utilizing advanced cultivation techniques. As a result of its quality orientation, Thomas Allen supplies fruit to several of California’s best-known wineries.